He’s reckless, impulsive, and barely eighteen, but Flynn Arcturus is the best damn pilot on the ocean floor. In his short lifetime, he’s dealt with angry sea dragons and seductive mermaids, but nothing could have prepared him for the death of his parents.

Flynn’s parents aren’t the first to die under mysterious circumstances. Many residents of Seahaven, the domed underwater city where he lives, are getting killed by seemingly random acts of misfortune. When he investigates, he discovers an ancient threat, imprisoned for centuries, that once again endangers Seahaven.

Equipped with superb piloting skills and an extraordinary ship built by his genius brother, Flynn may be the only one who can save Seahaven. But when he discovers what he’s up against, he realizes he’s out of his depth.

After eighteen years on the ocean floor, Flynn Arcturus finally leaves his domed city behind and explores the ocean depths. He expected the deep-sea pirates and giant squid, but not ancient ruins revealing long-buried secrets about his people’s violent past. When he investigates, he discovers a lost city once inhabited by his people, and the one responsible for its downfall has reawakened.

Flynn has three companions, but will they help or hinder him? Tasker, a genius inventor, prefers books to battle. Lycia, a sorceress with forbidden magic, seems all too willing to betray him for her own agenda. And Kylara, a female assassin, seems more interested in killing him than helping him. Together, they are all that stand against a centuries-old menace and enemies more numerous and powerful than they could have imagined.

Nineteen-year-old deep-sea adventurer Flynn Arcturus and his companions couldn’t be more excited after discovering a powerful azuran artifact in an ancient tomb, until it starts turning them into mindless killers. The cursed item could mean the end of Seahaven if lost or destroyed, and a nation of azurans have put the domed city under siege and are hunting them down to ensure that happens.

The only solution rests in Graveport, a distant underwater city teeming with cutthroat members of every humanoid race in the depths. On the run from a legion of foes, Flynn and the others must withstand the artifact’s influence as they cross a monster-filled ocean. If they reach the city, they might have a chance, but other forces are working against them.



Harvard linguist Mitch Dwyer loves ancient languages and cultures nearly as much as he loves his family. When his obsessions lead him to a hidden tomb, sealed for millennia, he’s fascinated by the skeletal remains of its mysterious occupants. But fascination becomes terror when the one responsible for their deaths enters the tomb and tries to kill him next.

The long-dead warriors possess portable time travel devices and Mitch uses one to escape, but he is hunted by a centuries-old assassin bent on protecting ancient secrets and keeping time travel for himself. Catapulted through the ages by a device he can’t control, Mitch must rely on his knowledge of ancient languages to evade pursuit and navigate among the pirates, samurai, kings, and emperors he encounters along the way. If he survives long enough to learn to use the device, he might be able to return home, but if he changes the past, he won’t have a family to return to.


The Oracle, a soothsayer whose predictions have aided the world for millennia, has disappeared. The only item she left behind  is a book, one with a secret so great it will determine the fate of the world. When it’s torn in two and the first half falls in the wrong hands, there’s only one person who can save humanity.

Mitch Dwyer. Devoted husband. Book nerd. Swordsman.

In a race through the ages against a psychopathic time traveler bent on world domination, Mitch Dwyer is swept up in a journey that plunges him in the heart of history’s most hostile times and places.