Hi! I’m Don. Writer. Cancer survivor. Optimist. Wanna-be comedian. And resident of Prince George, BC, Canada, where I enjoy lakes in the summer and ski slopes in the winter.

My battle with stage IV cancer and an equally devastating heart condition have not prevented me from being a happy, positive guy who spends his free time writing, playing sports, and unleashing my sarcastic sense of humor on others. The main goals of this site are to let others know what projects I’m working on and to make people laugh. You may have noticed my obsession with memes, and  yes, that is my face on each one.

Currently, I’m working on two trilogies. The first, a unique series of fantasy novels that take place entirely on the ocean floor, is now complete.  Now I’m on book 3 of the second trilogy, a time travel series that follows a Harvard linguist who runs for his life through the most exciting places and moments in history.